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Community Wellness Seminar

This talk discusses Air Pollution, Smoking and Lung Cancer and their societal impacts and impacts on each other. It also covers diagnostic tests for lung cancer, Lung Cancer Screening guidelines, and treatment options for lung cancer, particularly Robotic Thoracic Surgery.

Healthy Hearts and Lungs

This talk reviews Air Pollution, Smoking, Heart Disease and Lung Cancer and their impact on society. A Healthy Heart with focus on Nutrition and Exercise is discussed. Newer Surgical treatments such as VATS lobectomy, Off pump CABG, Robotic surgery, and Endoscopic Vein Harvest are reviewed.

Healthy Hearts, Healthy Lungs: Living Longer and Living Better

This talk reviews the societal impact of heart disease and smoking and reviews America's Obesity Problem. Healthy Hearts with Nutrition and Exercise is emphasized.

The Importance of Documentation: The Medical and Legal Issues

This talk reviews the importance of medical documentation, the Do's and Don'ts of medical documentation, and how an improved SOAP note can reduce malpractice risk. 5 High Risk Diagnoses for malpractice are reviewed with specific cases of poor documentation and their legal implications.

Mediastinal Staging

This talk reviews the importance of accurate mediastinal nodal staging. The accuracy of radiographic staging compared to Mediastinoscopy, Endoscopic ultrasound (EUS) and Endobronchial ultrasound (EBUS) are discussed.

To Drink or Not to Drink? That Is the Question

This talk reviews the problem of heart disease in America and then discusses the French Paradox. Heart health benefits of Red Wine Biology and recommendations on Red Wine Consumption are made.

Smoking Cessation

This lecture focuses on the societal impact of smoking and smoking cessation strategies. The 5A Model, Stages of Change, and Pharmacotherapy are reviewed.

Thoracic Surgery

This lecture reviews the Anatomy of Thoracic surgery and describes major thoracic procedures: Mediastinoscopy, Thymectomy, Pleural Biopsy, VATS pleurodesis, Decortication, VATS bleb resection, Airway stents, Paraesophageal hernia repair, Nissen repair, Heller myotomy, Esophageal perforation repair, Esophagectomy, Zenker's repair, Pericardial Window, Wedge resection, Lobectomy, Sleeve Lobectomy, Pneumonectomy, and VATS Lobectomy.

Indications, techniques, instruments and devices employed in Thoracic surgery are discussed.

Lung Cancer Update

This lecture reviews the societal impact of Lung Cancer, risk factors and diagnostic tests for Lung Cancer, and Lung Cancer Screening guidelines. Lastly, lung cancer staging and treatment options including VATS lobectomy are discussed.

Surgical Management of Thoracic Diseases

This talk discusses relevant anatomy of Thoracic Surgery, major thoracic procedures and their indications and techniques with emphasis on minimally invasive approaches. Lung cancer epidemiology is reviewed and postoperative care for Thoracic Surgery patients is reviewed with emphasis on pitfalls and complications.

  •  American College of Surgeons
  • The Society of Thoracic Surgeon
  • American Medical Associations
  • American COllege of Chest physicians
  • California Medical Accosiantions
  • Orange County Medical Society
  • State of California
  • California Thoracic Society